Aerian Aviation / Brand Strategy, Naming, Design 

Falcon 6X /  Manufacturer Dassault Aviation


Fire can indeed burn. The name itself is a true proposition. We want to bring this truth and clarity to brands and business. We seek the essence and purpose of a brand by uniting intuition to science: Intuition to map people’s actual experience with all parts of a business. Science to give precision and certainty to conclusions.

By using different skills and tools we determine a brand’s real position in the market and in people’s minds and hearts. Such commitment to find a brand's reality allows it to evolve from a strong position of knowledge and outstanding identity.  We seek the true essence and want to transform reality through great purposes.

And that is why we bring fire.

Fire Can Burn is a brand strategy and design consulting company dedicated to truth and simplicity.

We believe that essence and purpose must be a true response to human needs. We are here to deal with the complexity of the world and transform it into clear insights, enabling brands to see and value human reality. When the work reaches the necessary depth and discovers the core of a company, everything else becomes simpler to handle and together we open the path for transformation.


FCB is Intuition

and science for

better business.

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Rurax / Strategy, Naming, Identity - Brazil

Ozon /  Design, Communication -UK

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Bantabaa Berlin/ Art Direction, Packaging Design - Germany

Talk Process/ Brand Strategy, Design - Brazil

Awesome Berlin/ Strategy / Design - Germany


Montenapoleone 14  / Brand Strategy, Design -Italy

SERVICES / Methodology

We believe that brands are like human beings. The self-knowledge process is fundamental to evolve and to reach balance. Through deep research and the Fire Can Burn method, the brand's intangible values become more perceptible, expressing its essence and taking its place in the world. We combine intuition and science in order to discover the working reality of brands, bringing their uniqueness to the surface.



A work to find the truth of the organizations.


Fire Can Burn uses data and indicators to diagnose problems and identify potentialities that can be explored



We assemble a unified business strategy aligned with the brand’s essence and purpose.



We combine the tangible with the intangible elements of the brand through design.


We develop innovative solutions with our team according to the organization’s needs.


Opus Incorporadora / Brand Strategy, Design - Brazil

Bupaqê / Brand Strategy, Naming, Design - Brazil

Aerian Aviation / Brand Strategy, Naming, Design - Brazil

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