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Team Fire Can Burn 


Cláudio Ribeiro  / Co- Founder /  Brand Strategy

Graduated in Advertising Design at The Art Institute of Atlanta / USA. Branding Post Graduation at Brunel University - London / UK Branding Teacher at IED - Istituto Europeo de Design in Milano / Italy


Rodion Burden / Technology and Psychology 

Psychology and Neuroscience graduate from Maastricht University (NL). Tech startup founder, educator and social innovator. Chairman of Maastricht Disrupt, a foundation serving as a hub for the creative industry. Front-end Developer Tech Startup Founder and Social Innovator B.Sc. Psychology and Neuroscience


Gustavo Bernardino / Co- Founder 

Internationalization & Business Developer

Business developer of companies  in the USA, Germany and Brazil. Worked in different European Union projects to stimulate entrepreneurship and is a Chancellor Fellow from the Alexander von Humboldt in Germany


Martin Holzmeister / Design and Art Direction
Martin has been working with different sectors including advertising, start-ups, fashion, sports and music,

also projects in branding, graphic & motion design,

communication strategy, social media content and live events.


Izabel Arruda / Cross-cultural adaptation & global teams . Independent localization project manager Tech Consultant in Silicon Valley.


Mario Alcantara Monteiro / Design and creative director

Founder of Noance Studio

Arts & Architecture – Davide Game College,

BA (Hons) RIBA Architecture & Design – University of Brighton

South East Prize 2017 by the Royal Institute of British Architects.


Gianina Schäffauer Segura / Project Manager Assistant

and Junior Business Developer

Student in Business, Social and Cultural Studies

at the University of Cologne.

The origin of Fire.

Fire Can Burn is a German brand consultancy, but its origin comes from far way. It started as Sartre Gumo Branding in 2011 in Brazil. With the same idea of working for the transformation of brands and businesses, treating companies as human beings, with potential to be explored, but also weaknesses that in many cases become obstacles to complete development and understanding of a brand. We came to Germany in 2017 and started a new chapter of courage and hard work. Fire Can Burn brings the light and the transformation force of fire, the same fire that feeds the purpose of every brand whose mission is to work with integrity and true principles. If that is your idea too, we can build together a new chapter for your brand through essential work that unites human intuition with the certainty of science and help of technology to develop clear strategies and high standard design. Together we can find the flame that motivates your business and gives meaning to your life and the lives of others.




Fire transforms and brings integrity to your brand.

Fire Can Burn is a brand strategy and  

design consulting company dedicated

to truth and simplicity.

We believe that essence and purpose must be a true response to human needs. We are here to deal with the complexity of the world and transform it into clear insights, enabling brands to see and value human reality. When the work reaches the necessary depth and discovers the core of a company, everything else becomes simpler to handle and together we open the path for transformation.

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