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A project developed for an aircraft company with 40 years in the

market and undergoing a complete internal restructuring.

Brand Strategy, Brand Naming, Brand Design - Brazil


An aviation company changes the direction of its market strategy. Outstanding changes were necessary for the business to bring back effective and organic growth. A strategy of renaming the brand and transforming its tangible elements into something that represented the essence of this brand was also necessary. The importance of this work and the type of challenge were something quite important to us. A patient and in-depth process using data and insight to direct the brand towards a strategy that would not compromise the history and tradition of the company. The identity and aesthetic result of the whole strategy follow the simplicity and minimalist line of the brand. 


The consolidation through several tests of color application, typography and graphics. 
Aerian Aviation is the example of a project development that directed the brand to reassess its in-depth values to manage competitiveness  in global markets. 

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