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An article written by Claudio Ribeiro Krause Co-Founder and Head of Strategy at Fire Can Burn.

Brands must be born through the pure expression of an intuitive force. From an internal need to transform and give life to something that is important, therefore, to prosper, brands need to be conceived within a context of love.

Love is the basic element of this foundation, it is a “sine qua non condition”, Something that should be inherent, so that they can grow and develop with importance and meaning.

We always say that brands should start with a purpose.But what gives rise to this purpose, which is the reason why everything is done, created or exists? How can we define this impulse that has the enormous capacity to initiate something beautiful and unique?

The doctor and psychologist C. G. Jung said once that “Music represents the movement, development and transformation of motives in the collective unconscious”.

He mentions the original music that comes from intuitive and true love, but the same can be applied to true and original brands. In fact, it is this same truth that we always look for in products and services, something that resonates in our hearts.

Sometimes we do not know how, nor why, but everything we see in that particular product, identity, color pattern, everything we feel in this experience as a whole, touches us in an inexplicable way, speaks to our soul. This happens in most of the cases, when those brands are made with love. Pure love.

Jung also said: "Love has more than one point in common with religious conviction: it demands unconditional acceptance and total surrender. Just as the faithful who surrender to their God participate in the manifestation of divine grace, so love only reveals its highest secrets and wonders to the one who is capable of total self-giving and fidelity to feeling".

This surrender that Jung says, does not refer to the blind acceptance of something, but to the recognition of that inner force that comes from your own nature.

Brands that are created by a need to generate purely economic value have a more difficult path. Investments are doubled to convince people that their mission is the same as the one exposed in the brand's guide. You need to sell your values to employees, suppliers and customers, they need to buy your supposedly essential idea, so maybe they can feel comfortable to approach you or acquire your products and services. It's a long and sometimes arduous path of persuasion.

Brands created in the context of love are born ready, it is only necessary to mold this love into expression, but it is there and people feel it and want to be part of their community, they want to see it and contribute to this growth.

But, like a child that is born, the brand needs care and to be taken seriously.

Love is valuable and we should never try to make it cheap. Our ambitions and vanities will do anything to persuade us not to take love seriously. But love will only reward us if we take it seriously.

Therefore, all the care in the world is too little. The natural care of those who love. The feeling of preservation and affection that is inherent to those who generate someone or something from this pure and true feeling,

Some brands establish themselves and perpetuate for centuries, through many generations, because even when they are transferred to the hands of people with different life purposes, they have the ability to interpret and understand the love contained in their origin and from this vision and their own purpose, create paths to evolve with integrity.

Claudio Ribeiro Krause is also a teacher of Branding Process in the Master in Brand Management and Communication at IED - Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan - Italy

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