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Naming. One of the most important phases within a branding process.


On the path for preparing a brand for a clear and relevant growth, Naming is perhaps one of the most challenging. At this stage, research, creativity, criteria and patience are our main allies in one of the most important phases within a branding process.

We usually compare the elements of this brand construction as a planetary orbit, where the name is one of the main stars of this cosmos. It is never found isolated. In this orbit, several other elements are tangled where this name is inserted.

Even so, a name poorly executed along with other elements on this brand universe, can cause an accidental orbit.

Naming is considered the first chapter of a story. It is the first material definition of a business,

it’s when it introduces itself. Here the dialogue with its audiences begins and it should be placed wherever the company is.

“Big companies prosper through the omnipresence of their brand name,

and when it is well done and recognized for the right reasons, the brand grows and provides the path to prosperity for a company, service or product.”

(WordCraft: The Art of Turning Little Words into Big Business – Alex Frankel)

What makes a good name?

It's easy to think that someone can discover a good name easily, but it's much more complex than you might think. An idea can come from anywhere, but being registrable, being part of the overall context, and fitting into the real purpose of the company is a difficult task. In fact, naming can be one of the most difficult tasks of a branding project.

We also need to leave skepticism aside, open our minds and dive into this universe.

Finding the right professionals for this task is crucial, someone who has the ability to synthesize through a name the emotional and the rational aspect of a brand.

We always need to verify the existence of:

1) Semantic Value: It conveys the idea correctly;

2) Strategic impact: It is aligned with the strategic goals;

3) Phonetic structure: It is easy to pronounce and be remembered;

4) Availability: It is legally free for use.

If we follow these dynamics, we will surely have a consistent name that will represent well a business, always considering the emotional and rational aspects of the brand.


Within this methodological universe, we also find Numerology, a tool that contributes to the identification of numbers, whose combinations can express some characteristics of the brand and what they symbolize in terms of behavior, challenges, learning, besides showing some behavior trends. But this topic, not only for reasons of beliefs, but also for its complexity when applied to a branding project, deserves a specific article.

In my view, mythology, psychology, numerology and anthropology are important tools to strengthen the functional and cognitive structure in the development of this strategy and contribute to raise the standard of this element, often neglected by the brand building market.

Claudio Ribeiro Krause is also a teacher of Branding Process in the Master in Brand Management and Communication at IED - Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan - Italy

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